February 28, 2020

Unbelievable Moment: GIANT Python hides under car bonnet!

Feb 9, 2015

   Guess what hides under the car bonnet! Some tourists had a huge surprise when they saw the giant python taking their car as a cozy nest, perfect to lay in a little while. The snake seemed to feel really comfortable and didn’t seem to be disturbed by all the tourists wandering around him. In the end, people bothering him ...

King Off Road 8×8 Extreme Move

Feb 9, 2015

   This is an awesome example of extreme trucking! This 8×8 ‘king off road’ can impress any truck enthusiast. They are big, strong and they have all wheel drive, making it possible to the driver to test it in different terrain types. They’re fun to drive and, apparently, the competitors seem to be thrilled driving them through water, mud and scary ...

Tiger Attacks Man

Feb 9, 2015

   This tiger attacks the man near him without thinking! He was supposed to be part of a movie scene, but the shooting didn’t work as expected and has gone really wrong. The man was attacked and injured by the tiger that he raised himself. That kind of saved him eventually, because the animal finally released him and didn’t bite ...

Help me put on my shoe – Naughty prank

Feb 9, 2015

   An apparently innocent prank a girl puts on the men who pass by on the street. She accidentally drops her shoe from the window, and she needs someone to help her lift it up and put it on her foot again. Oh, but when the men stopping at her window realize what they up to, then the funny reactions ...

Doctor’s Replacement Prank

Feb 9, 2015

   This hilarious prank has brought craziness to another level! These men were supposed to see their doctor for their health problems, but they didn’t expect to represent the subject of a big prank. They were shocked and overwhelmed to see that they had to do doctor’s job for a short, but intense time. Some of them almost fainted seeing ...