February 28, 2020

Give Me a Lift Prank

Feb 11, 2015

   This girl needs a lift so she can climb and get in her house through the window. She has no keys to get in the conventional way, so she thought that, with little help from the pedestrians, she’ll manage to climb the wall and finally get in the house. The problem is that she has a little too short ...

Miss California Loses Her Top – Wardrobe malfunction

Feb 11, 2015

   Miss California has suffers a wardrobe malfunction during the contest, making everyone’s eyes pop out of their heads for a few moments. It was funny and interesting to watch her reaction during this embarrassing, yet very hot moment. Did she do that on purpose? It looks like we’re not going to find out, but it seemed more like a ...

Man jumps in polar bear’s pool

Feb 10, 2015

   This man jumps in a polar bear’s pool! For nothing else than a swim and some bonding with the bear. If that animal represents a threat for us, just looking at it giving us the chills, thinking that he could kill anyone with just one bite, this man thinks that he’s nothing but a fluffy, friendly, cuddly bear. He ...

Epic Jellyfish Smoke Trick

Feb 9, 2015

   This is one of the best smoking tricks ever made! And it’s easier to do than you think! This guy shows us this magic, because that’s what it looks like at first sight. You can perform it easily if you watch this closely and pay a little attention. It’s fun to experience and you will definitely impress your friends ...

Speeding Train Collides With A Giant Snowbank

Feb 9, 2015

   A speeding train collides with a giant snowbank! It feels like causing an avalanche because of the incredible speed it has when hits the snowbank. The railroad engineer didn’t slow down at all, and that had a terrible consequence, leaving him with no visibility and the risk of jumping out of track. The crew must have been really scared and ...