February 28, 2020

Girlfriend caught cheating by accident

Feb 12, 2015

   He tried to prank her, but instead he caught her cheating on him! Poor guy, he was trying to upset her and then to surprise her with a prank, which is kind of stupid, because no one deserves this kind of joke. But he did it anyway, and it bit him back. Because that’s what happens when you try ...

Photos taken at the right moment

Feb 11, 2015

   These photos will blow your mind! Some of them are just unbelievable, but entirely real. They were taken at the right moment, giving us the opportunity to observe funny moments created by mistake or not, awkward situations, hilarious expressions and body language, clumsy moves, immortalized incredible moments, and the list can continue. Some of these pictures were taken after ...

Model Wears Painted On Pants In Public

Feb 11, 2015

   This model wears nothing else than painted pants! At first look, it seems like she wears a pair of really tight pants, but if you look closely, you will see the truth. And by that I mean, well… everything. Let’s just hope that outside is warm enough for this outfit, or at least the painter being generous with the ...

Group Of People Sucked Underground All Of A Sudden

Feb 11, 2015

   A group of people were sucked underground in shallow waters, and all happened all of a sudden! This happens when people explore the wild nature, or they are not familiarized with the natural events. These people are unconscious of the many risks they take when they embrace this adventure. A lot of bad things can happen when you don’t ...

Girl Sitting On People Prank Gone Wrong!

Feb 11, 2015

   This is what happens if you’re trying to prank the wrong people! But it’s a risk you assume when you are making pranks on strangers, it comes with the package. Sure, the reactions are funnier to watch and analyze, trying to see what’s in these people’s minds while they’re being pranked. This girl takes the challenge to another level ...