February 28, 2020


Feb 13, 2015

   This amazing fight has some unbelievable scenes. It seems like it’s a really rough life in the wild, and this is a great example of animals fighting for their lives in order to eat and gain territory. If we don’t see it every day or we don’t have the opportunity to interact with the wild life, doesn’t mean that ...

What women do while driving

Feb 12, 2015

   What women do while driving? Well, nothing related in any way to driving, that’s clear! Could they be more distracted than this? More inattentive and reckless? It seems like they’re not made for this, at least some of them. Not all women have a problem with keeping the car on the road (on the right side of the road, ...

Scary pranks that went TOO FAR!

Feb 12, 2015

   These are ones of the most intense and crazy scary pranks ever made! The ones who planned them and put them on people definitely have a problem upstairs. Or maybe they wanted to take revenge on those poor, scared to death folks. It’s not something you should do to someone you know that is sensitive or scares easy, especially ...

The amazing $8 million dollar car

Feb 12, 2015

   This is the $8 million dollar car, the most expensive car in the world! It makes any eye shine and any heart melt. Its elegance is one of a kind, and the exquisite style of this car can grow on everyone. But not anyone can afford this insanely expensive car. Maybach Exelero was only built in one exemplary for ...

Girl knocks out 3 men at a time

Feb 12, 2015

   A brave girl knocks out three men at a time! After some restaurant clients heated up and got really nervous, without a reasonable explanation, they tried to attack one of the waiters. He seemed pretty helpless, unable to defend himself from the angry, out of control clients. But here comes the savior, a tiny girl that seems to be ...